Quest: Dancer

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Quest: Dancer

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Respuestas de la quest de Dancer

What is the effect of 'Classical Pluck/Lokis Veil?
Makes skills and magics unusable

After you have finished using an Ensemble skill with a partner what should you never do?
You tell the partner they did an insufficient job

When a partner activates the incorrect dance what should you do?
Point out the mistake

What is the name of the village where you can designate the change of your occupation to that of

a dancer?

How many caves are directally connect to Comodo Village?

Which of the following is not able to be tamed?

Who is the best dancer?

What is one of the main attractions of Comodo?
The Casino

What is my name?

What is the effect of Lullaby?
Put enemy to sleep, in a 9x9 area

What is the effect of Dancing Lessons?
The damage of whip type attacks are raised

While doing this type of dance, you wear special shoes that make loud sounds
Tap dance

Choose the thing a dancer cannot do
Usa a two-handed sword

What is the town where dancers stay the most?

What person can perfrom the most beautiful dances?

The dancer, in comparison with other occupations, has what advantage?
Dance Capability

What is the Casino managers name?

As for the item which the dancer cannot equip?
Two-handed sword

Do you think this test is boring?
Give me more questions

How many lighthouses exist on Comodo Island?

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