Quest: Rogue

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Quest: Rogue

Mensaje  Sebb el Miér Mayo 07, 2008 11:02 pm

Preguntas de la quest de Rogue:

Opcion A

1. What is the added flee rate that a Thief recieves when the Improve Dodge skill is mastered?
- 30

2. Choose a monster that can detect a hidden or cloaked character?
- Worm Tail

3. Where is the Rogue guild located?
- Pharos Lightouse

4. In which of the following towns, can you become a Thief?
- Morroc

5. Choose the card that does not have an effect on a players DEX stat...
- Mummy Card

6. What do you think is cool about being a Rogue?
- Having excellent attack strength

7. At what job level can you change from a Thief to a Rogue?
- At job lvl 40
- At job lvl 50

8. If you wanted to dye your hair a different color, where would you have to go to do that?
- Building in SouthWestern part of Prontera

9. What mushrooms do you need to steal in order to become a Thief?
- Orange Gooey Mushrooms
- Orange Net Mushrooms

10. Which of these cards is useless to a Rogue?
- Elder Willow Card

Opcion B

1. What skill do you need to learn before you can learn Stalk?
- Hiding

2. How much more of a discount can a Rogue get with the Haggel skill than a merchant can with the Discount skill?
- 1%

3. What is the correct description for the skill Mug?
- Steal Zeny from monsters

4. How many Rogues are required to activate the skill Slyness?
- 2 or more Rogues

5. After increasing Divest Helm to level 5, what other skill becomes available for you learn?
- Divest Shield

6. Choose a skill that allows its user to move while being hidden?
- Stalk

7. Choose the card that increases the accuracy rate of its owner?
- Mummy

8. Choose the monster that receives more damage when attacked by a weapon with a Vadon card attached to it?
- Elder Willow

9. How much SP does the Double Attack skill require when used with a dagger?
- No SP needed

10. Choose an effective dagger to use in the Byalan Dungeon?
- Wind Main-Gauche

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